A responsive, webbed approach to anterior knee pain that gives a distinct alternative to the basic knee sleeve.

Reaction Web Knee Brace:

The Reaction Web Knee Brace can decrease knee pain and increase function to help you get back to your active lifestyle.

The Elastomeric Web is an innovative solution that provides energy dispersion to the painful knee, allowing comfortable motion in a brace that STAYS IN PLACE!

  • Providing:
    • Progressive pain relief
    • Elastomeric Web Designs – helping to reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee
    • Absorbs shock and shifts the peak loads away from the painful area of the knee
    • The Elastomeric Web acts to dynamically stabilize the patella on all sides
    • Bringing the patella into a better tracking position to reduce pain
    • Ideal for patients with general patellafemoral instabilities
    • Dual-axis hinges that are flexible, creating synergy with the elastomeric web
    • Optimal fit and support
    • Provides energy dispersion to the knee
    • Open framework of the elastomeric web
    • Mesh backing creates comfortable fit and a breathable solution for relief to the anterior knee pain
  • Indications:
    • The Reaction Knee brace was developed by an orthopedic surgeon for patients with anterior knee pain related to:
      • Condromalacia Patella
      • Quadricept or patellar tendonitis/tendinosis
      • Osgood-schlatter disease
      • General patellafemoral tracking issues
      • Mild O.A.
  •  Goals:
    • To stabilize patella tracking issues
    • Delay knee surgery
    • Reduce knee wear and tear
    • Decrease inflammation and anti-inflation medications
    • Improve knee joint functions
    • Reduce knee arthritis symptoms
    • Provide maximum support and maximum comfort