Welcome to EOS Medical Supply, LLC. We are a family owned and operated Durable Medical Equipment Supply Company, built with a vision of providing a drug free pain management option for patients and medical providers.

We are a professional company who works with physicians and medical professionals to ensure all patients’ DME needs are met.

Our company’s focus is to provide drug free, pain management options for your patients. By providing electro-therapy devices, orthopedic supplies, and heat therapy, you are able to extend your practice while your patients are away from your office.

With our program and devices acting as an extension of your practice, EOS Medical Supply, LLC helps you to better serve your patients while increasing your office revenue.

EOS Medical Supply, LLC partners with healthcare professionals across the country to help them add portable electro-medical devices and orthopedic supplies to their treatment arsenal.

Becoming affiliated with us allows our doctors to:

  • Create the potential to have a profit center for your practice with no cost.
  • Increase patient retention and referrals through patient satisfaction.
  • Extend your practice when your patients are away from your office.

Both acute and chronic patients and patients with recurrent episodic pain can benefit from our devices. The program is simple for both you and your patients.

Physicians are able to build their practices by increasing revenue and increasing patient referrals by using our physician DME program.